She-Hulk series review, Is it worth the watch

She-Hulk is might not be the best series presented from Marvel Studios, yet is it worth the watch or not?

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Marvel’s She-Hulk is now completed. The series had 9 episodes with ups and downs throughout the series. Though the series is getting mixed reviews, if you are a marvel fan and thinking about binging the show, it might not be a bad idea. The show is about Bruce Banner aka Hulk’s cousin Jennifer Walters. Jennifer is a lawyer in her struggling days as an attorney of law. All of this changed when Jennifer was exposed to Bruce’s blood in her bloodstream.

The show deals with the change in the mindset of Jennifer Walters. A negative mindset of how heroes should be and how they should act in public. The show is different from other shows as its protagonist She-Hulk breaks the 4th wall to talk to the watchers directly. Except for the She-Hulk, only Marvel’s Deadpool is able to do so. This ability to judge her own show and improvise it makes it even more hilarious.

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If you are taking reviews from the person who disliked the show, must have said you that the show is misandrist and even the main character openly admits it. When the show was in its middle stage, half aired, a war on Twitter was taking place between the fans.

According to some people, the writers and directors are against men’s rights. While other believe that the show intentionally was like this and later showed the transformation in the mindset of the main character.



The show is a sitcom that revolves around the powers of a ‘Hulk’. She-Hulk: Attorney At Law is a fairly good show with some highs in its story. While a few episodes don’t contribute to the story much, but still relatively funnier than the serious ones. The show is light-hearted and doesn’t take itself very seriously. The protagonist breaks the 4th wall, changes the storyline, and even at some point talks to the makers of her own show. The show is not the best marvel series, yet it is worth the binge over a Saturday evening.


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