Sharman Joshi Requested Rohit Shetty to include him in Golmaal

Sharman Joshi was in the first franchise of the Golmaal Series after being dropped from the remaining franchise.

Sharman Joshi wanted to a Part of Golmaal Franchise Again

Actor Sharman Joshi was known for his versatile acting in comedy and supportive roles. In the year 2006, the actor got two biggest hits of his life Golmaal and Rang de Basanti. However when the Golmaal sequel comes after two years. there is no Sharman Joshi in it.  The actor talked about these matters in a recent interview and give the reason why he was not included in the film and whether he will be returning to it. It’s been more than a decade since the first part was released. The film becomes one of the best comedy films of all time. Moreover only Sharman Joshi was replaced by Shreyas Talpade and others actors remain in the franchise.

Sharman finally reply to the matter and told PinkVilla “There are some management problems. My PR Team was not communicated better. Of course, money was the big factor. They asked for the price which the producer think that I don’t deserve. At that moment I was not aware at all. By the time I know all these then I approached them.”. Furthermore, he confirm this problem was sorted out with the producer but he never got his role back. The actor also smoothened things with his team.

Sharman Joshi Back in Golmaal Franchise?

Recently Sharman Joshi and Rohit Shetty (Golmal Director) got together in an Ad where there made fun of Golmaal also. Moreover, Sharman told “I request him to make me a part of the Golmaal series again.” and the director said “Yeah”. “that’s where our talk ended and I don’t know whether I will be there or not. But I will be happy if they include me again.” Rohit Shetty also confirmed that currently, he is not in the mood of making Golmaal series. But confirmed it will be there in coming future. For more news and updates stay tuned to

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