Sharad Kelkar: Sharad Kelkar praised Shushant Singh Rajput

Sharad Kelkar is one of the finest actors of Bollywood. Recently, in an interview the actor is seen praising Shushant Singh Rajput

Raushan Kumar
Raushan Kumar

Shushant Singh Rajput is no longer in this world. But even today they talk about him from clebs to fans. Shushant was one of the those actors who earned a name in Bollywood after the small screen on the basis of his hard work. Recently, actor Sharad Kelkar has praised him fiercely. Sharad is also seen in films these days after doing TV like Shushant. Talking about Shushant during an interview, he said that he was one of the talented actors who made a special place in the hearts of the people through TV. He further said hat after gaining popularity on small screen, on the basis of his hard work, he set an example by achieving a big positon in the film industry as well.

Sharad Kelkar praised him fiercely

Praising Shushant, Sharad further said that there are only two actors in the industry who ha achieved so much fame after doing small role on small screen. One, Shahrukh Khan turned to films after acting on the small screen. At teh same time, Shushant also progressed in Bollywood on the basis of his acting. In this conversation, Sharad further told that he had known Shushant for a long time. The actor said that when he used to work in the TV, his and mine sets were nearby. We often sit and talk for a long time. Apart from being an great actor, he was also a good human being.

Let us tell you that, Sharad Kelkar has shown his acting powers in many films till now. Recently he was seen in Har Har Mahadev. Earlier he was also seen in ‘Code Name Tiranga, Operation Romeo and ‘Bhuj’. His work in the film Lakshmii, released in the year 2020, was also highly praised.

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