Secrets of the Kohinoor: the dark truth behind coming web series by Manoj Bajpayee

The tale about Kohinoor changed hands as several rulers in India true patriot conveying the challenges over in the docuseries.

Prerna Dash
Prerna Dash

Once over time well popular co-star Manoj Bajpayee is arriving with his oncoming web series named secrets of Kohinoor.  Securing an outstanding success on Family Man, now his master piece becoming everyone’s favorite. After gaining a huge admiration by his commendable performances, came up with a sequel of Family Man season 2. The show is  directed by Raghav Jairath, the docuseries has been hosted by Manoj. Highlights how over shows the years the weight of the diamond has been slashed down to less than six times it’s original weight. It also speaks on how the Kohinoor might not be the same diamond that Mughal Emperor Babur mentioned in his memoir. Official trailer of new show  has been out and the series will be scheduled to be releasing on 4th of August 2022.

Awning the entire OTT platform the broadcasting will be done. In conjunction with Manoj Bajpayee  the other personalities are featured Parliamentarian Sashi Tharoor, Historians Irfan Habib, Farhat Nasreen and others. In an interview Manoj talked about his journey as a storyteller. He said that he was juggling between telling the audience the truth and yet he had to take care of the fact that the viewers are not bored. He said that blending these two aspects was the trick. He also admitted that in documentaries, the pressure on the actor is less. The makers usually make things easy with their research and information.

 Manoj on screen

Primarily allegory is based on the journey of one of the largest grand extensive diamonds in the world. The story will be talking about how Kohinoor changed hands as several rulers in India. However the true patriot  conveying the challenges over in the docuseries. Over-a-minute long trailer, Manoj speaks about how the Kohinoor was taken from a ten year old boy by the British. The actor also spoke about the arrogance of the British and the injustice done with India.



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