Samantha in ACTION, Yashoda Teaser OUT

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Samantha as in Yashoda is in a full-action avatar in her next movie. The not-so-easy conditions of women are shown in the trailer. With the trailer, it is known that she is pregnant. As the protagonist is told what not to do by the doctor, even an adverse is going on with her.

Scenes like running away from a dog, and running for her life in the jungle are there in the trailer. Falling from the ladder, and bursting out a window, are there in the trailer. She remembered what the doctor said to avoid and do exactly things that are even more heart-aching. Samantha is looking pretty but fierce in the trailer.

The trailer is filled with unexplained issues with the protagonist and her survival. According to some people, it is a female-centric movie about her bravery and ability to handle the most adverse of situations with her.


Samantha in Yashoda: cast and crew

Hari-Harsh is the director of the movie. While Sridevi Movies is the producer. The movie’s score is composed by Mani Sharma. The movie Yshoda is simultaneously shot in Tamil and Telugu. The movie stars Samantha in the lead role. While Unni Mukundan and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar are in the supporting roles.

The movie was to release on the 12th of august 2022, coinciding with Independence Day and Rakshabandhan. Though, Yashodha was postponed to the 22nd of July 2022. To the public reason is still a mystery. Though some believe it was because of the Boycott movement that was going on.


According to the maker Hari and Harish, the movie is based on a real-life even, “The backdrop of the story is about a crime which is happening even without the knowledge of anyone in the society. The crime which we are showing is based on a true incident but we have added some psychological thriller flavor to it. It is about a crime that is confronted by a normal girl when she learns about it. How she exposes the plot,”


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