Salman Khan did a tremendous dance by lifting Abdu Rojik

Abdu Rojik may not have won the trophy of Bigg Boss 16

Jalpana Mohanty
Jalpana Mohanty

Salman Khan hosted Bigg Boss 16′ has eventually got its winner. MC Stan has won the jewel of’ Bigg Boss 16′. After appearing in the show, all its rivals have come into the spotlight. On the other hand, if anyone has got the most love in the show also it’s Abdu Rojik. Abdu’s addict following is tremendous. Not only the followership but Salman Khan is also an addict to Abdu Rojik. Meanwhile, the videotape of Abdu and Bhai jaan is going viral on social media. In the videotape, Salman is swinging by lifting Abdu in his lap.

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Salman Khan video is going viral

Abdu Rojik has participated in a videotape on his Instagram account. In this videotape, Salman Khan and Abdu Rojik can be seen having fun. In the videotape, Salman is seen dancing with Abdu Rojik on his superhit song’ O O Jaane Jaana’. At the same time, Bhai jaan is also seen dancing with him. During this, the loot of both is being made just by looking at it. In the first videotape, both are seen dancing in a fun-filled manner. Whereas, in the alternate, Salman is seen swinging carrying Abdu in his lap. Recently we have seen Abdu in Bigg Boss 16. But he was not the winner of season 16. The season was won by MC Stan. Along with Abdu, many other celebrities were also part of Bigg Boss. Salman hosted the show.

Fans who go crazy over Abdu’s comeliness

Suckers are veritably fond of this cotillion videotape of Salman Khan and Abdu Rojik. opining on this, the suckers are seen praising Salman’s loot and Abdul’s comeliness. Till now this videotape has been watched numerous times. opening on this videotape, a stoner wrote,’ Abdu’s career has come.’ Another stoner wrote,’ Who’ll miss Bigg Boss.’ One said,’ Super Chhota Bhaijaan.’

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