Sad News for Indian Film Industry: Rahul Koli the child actor of Oscar nominated film ‘Chello Show’ Passed away

Raushan Kumar
Raushan Kumar

This morning a bad news from entertainment world was heard. Child actor Rahul Koli, who was sent for the Oscars film ‘Chello Show’, died of cancer. After the news of death of the actor, his family, fans, and the makers of the film have suffered a major setback. However, the film makers have planned to honor his memory of him by setting up a trust in his memory. The film Chello Show has been entered for the Oscars from India. The film is scheduled to release on October 14. But even before the release, the film`s main actor Rahul Koli said goodbye to the world.

Symptoms of Blood Cancer were seen in Rahul Koli:

Actor Dipen Rawal has condoled the death of Rahul Koli in the film. He said that the entire team is saddened by the departure of the actor. We were all connected to each other like a family. I have shot some scenes with him in the film, where i am running with Rahul. But believe me , while filming that scene, it was never felt that Rahul has blood cancer. They did not show any sign of Blood Cancer. If something happened, I would have known. We came to know about his illness a few months later. It was very sad when i found out. He said that today we have tears of joy in one eye that Chhelo Show has officially entered the Oscars. On the other hand, there is also the sorrow of losing Rahul Koli.

Family was having financial stress:

According to the reports, the financial condition of his family became very bad after the floods in Gujarat. Rahul Koli father had to mortgage an auto-rickshaw to run the family. After this somehow he met the director Pan Nalin and other makers and Rahul got a good role in his film. Ever since the makers of the film came to know about the Rahul Koli cancer disease, the makers helped his family financially a lot.

A trust will be set up in the memory of Rahul Koli:

Even after so much help, he could not be saved. In such situation, to pay tribute to him, But the makers have decided to set up a trust fund in his memory. Through this fund, his family will get a monthly amount, and it will work towards helping other children in the treatment of Blood Cancer and Bone Marrow transplant.Also read


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