Rishi Singh luck changed after winning Indian Idol, got a big project of world tour

Rishi Singh of Ayodhya has brought pride to his district by becoming the winner of Indian Idol

Jalpana Mohanty
Jalpana Mohanty
Rishi Singh winner of Indian Idol 13

The reality shows Indian Idol recently got its 13th winner. By winning this trophy, Rishi Singh of Ayodhya has brought pride to his district and the whole country. Behind this victory is not only his months of hard work but also his passion from childhood till now, which he maintained despite all the odds. Along with this, he thanked his critics, because of which he got this position.

On April 01, the country got a singer named Rishi Singh as the winner of Indian Idol 13. After this victory, his dreams got wings. In a special conversation with a news portal, he talked about his journey ahead. Rishi Singh said that after the victory, he would first go to Hanumangarhi to pay obeisance. He had asked for a vow for this, which was fulfilled as the winner of Indian Idol.

On the joy of victory, He said that Ayodhya is not only known for being the city of Shri Ram but now it will also be known as the land of music because of him. He said that he has got the support of his well-wishers not only from his hometown but from all over the country. Especially Ayodhya has been blessed, so I will always be present for Ayodhya.

Rishi Singh Will start a world tour soon

After winning Indian Idol 13, Rishi Singh will soon go on a world tour. This tour can happen in the first week of May. The top 6 contestants will also be included in this. This tour will be for about seven to eight months. After this, there are more things lineup. Rishi Singh aspires to study music abroad. He plans to learn international music to expand his knowledge in the music world.

Celebrations in Ayodhya

On the victory of Rishi Singh, there is a wave of happiness among the people of Shri Ram Nagri. There is an atmosphere of celebration in the entire Ayodhya as soon as he becomes the winner. He was congratulated by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for bringing laurels to Ayodhya and the country by becoming the winner.

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