Ranveer Singh starrer Cirkus, A disaster | Review-1

Ranveer Singh starrer Cirkus proves to be a disaster on the big screen. Director Rohit Shetty still moving forward with his cop universe.

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In 1982 Gulzar made ‘Angur’ an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s ‘The Comedy of Errors’. Angur ends with a character exclaiming the camera then cuts to a portrait of Shakespeare winking at the audience and pointing to himself as the author of this incredible tale of two sets of twins. As a great artist, he didn’t think he could add much to Shakespeare’s creation. Ranveer Singh starrer Cirkus takes the same turn in the wrong direction.

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Ranveer Singh’s movie takes inspiration from Gulzar Sahab’s Angur

Angur transplants the material to India but stays close to the through line. Of two sets of identical twins being separated at Birth. Even after 40 years, Angur is entertaining with knockout performances by the great Sanjeev Kumar and Devan Varma as master and his man Friday. There’s this running joke about the song ‘Pritam an milo’, which will make you laugh out loud. In Circus director, Ranveer Singh, Rohit Shetty, and writer Yunus Sajwal are credited with the screenplay. Farhad Sanji, Sachit Bedre, and Vidhi Kodgalkar with dialogue make the mistake of thinking that they can improve on Shakespeare and Gulzar Sahab.

Ranveer Singh

The plot is a mess

To this already busy plot, they add half a dozen characters with a superhuman ability for Ranveer Singh (one twin) to endure electric currents which then somehow transfers to the other twin. Even though he lives in another town. They add love interests who crowd the frame without adding much value. And there’s even a more significant philosophical debate about nature versus nurture apart from being an oversized Entertainer. Cirkus also wants to advocate for tolerance and inclusivity it’s a noble thought but the film Is a Mess.

Ranveer Singh

Rohit Shetty’s amazing work

Rohit is Bollywood’s King of the mass movie he’s Unapologetic about his school of logic-defined filmmaking whether it be his high adrenaline testosterone film cop Universe Singham, Simba, or Suryavanshi. Either his determinedly silly but cheerful comedy franchise Golmaal. Shetty’s ambition is to deliver entertainment with a capital E. His films are driven by character arcs or coherence, but by his own conviction. In Cirkus, he doesn’t seem to trust his own instincts or the material so he keeps adding more.


There are two Ranveer Singh, and two Varun Sharma, there’s a dance performance by Deepika Padukone who looks ethereal and helps to lift the film momentarily. The screenplay also finds room for every notable supporting and comedic actor. Such as Sanjay Mishra, Johnny lever, Mukesh Tiwari, Arya Siddhar, and many more crowds on the screen.

We will now continue the verdict in the second part of this review, stay tuned on Bollywood Friday for more amazing insights. 

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