Ranbir Kapoor TROLLED on BODY SHAMMING Alia Bhatt

During an interview, Ranbir Kapoor made Alia Bhatt uncomfortable with his fat-shaming comment. Alia can be clearly seen as Shocked.

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These days when Bhramastra is in its last leg, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are busy promoting the movie. During an interview, Ranbir Kapoor makes a body shamming comment about his wife.

During the promotion of his new song “Dance ka bhoot“, Ranbir Kapoor unknowingly made a comment about his wife Alia Bhatt after looking at her baby bump. He said, “Well I can see someone is PHAILOD”. After the comment both the director and Alia were shocked and tried to laugh it off.ranbir kapoor

The whole conversation was about will Alia and Ranbir will promote the movie just as same as they were before after Alia’s pregnancy. According to Alia Bhatt’s fans, the comment was body shamming and made her uncomfortable.


Ranbir Kapoor apologizes later

After the comment fans were angry and started trolling RanbirĀ on social media, to which later he was forced to apologize. During another promotional interview, Ranbir was asked about this comment that he made.

To which he replied, “I love my life, with everything I have with my wife. What happened was that the joke that I made, didn’t turn out to be funny. I really want to apologize to anyone, if I triggered anyone, you know it was not my intention so I am sorry to anyone who got offended.”

Ranbir Kapoor later added “I talked to Alia on this and she really laughed it off and she really didn’t mind it. I do have a bad sense of humor sometimes and that kinda falls onto my face. So I am sorry if I have hurt anyone”

ranbir kapoor

This is not Ranbir’s first comment on a female

Ranbir Kapoor has been involved in commenting on women and his fellow co-workers before his wife. He once made a comment on Anushka Sharma, called “Anxiety Queen”. He also mocked Katrina Kaif when they were promoting their film.


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