Rakhi Sawant herself shared wedding pictures, said- I want to save my marriage

Rakhi Sawant confirmed the news of marriage

Jalpana Mohanty
Jalpana Mohanty

Bollywood’s drama queen and Bigg Boss fame Rakhi Sawant is once again in the headlines for her personal life. For the past several months, she is dating their boyfriend Adil Khan. Often the marriage of both of them used to be discussed. Meanwhile, on Wednesday, January 11, some pictures of Rakhi and Adil’s marriage went viral on social media, shocking everyone. By evening,  shared all these photos on her Instagram and confirmed the news of her and Adil’s marriage.

Rakhi Sawant confirmed the news of the marriage

Rakhi Sawant shared 6 pictures on her Instagram a few hours ago, in which she and Adil are seen signing some papers of Nikah. In the second photo, garlands are also seen around the neck of both of them. With this, Rakhi wrote in the caption, I am very happy that I have finally married my love… My love will be for you forever… Unconditional love Adil hai.

Court marriage was done in July 2022


Rakhi has not only shared pictures on social media but has told in a conversation with E-Times that when and how she married Adil. Rakhi Sawant said on the news of marriage that, yes, I and Adil have got married. We got married on 2 July 2022. We also had a Nikah ceremony with a court message. Rakhi kept the marriage a secret on the advice of Adil.

During this, the actress also told why she had kept this marriage hidden for so many months. He says that Adil had stopped me from exposing this marriage and hence I kept it a secret for the last seven months. He felt that if people came to know about our marriage, it would be difficult to find a boy for his sister. Adil feels that if you associate with Rakhi Sawant, then you have taken a bad name. Rakhi Sawant also said that Adil’s family has not yet accepted her as a  daughter-in-law.

I want to save my marriage – Rakhi Sawant

Meanwhile, Rakhi has said that “A lot happened when I was in Bigg Boss Marathi 4. I will talk about it when the right time comes. At this point, I just want to save my marriage. She further added that she wants everyone should know that she is married to Adil. Along with this, she told she is quite upset and it is important that my marriage should be public. Why Rakhi talked about saving the marriage has not been revealed, but speculations are rife that all is not well between Adil and her.

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