R.Madhavan movie Dhoka, Arijit Singh’s new song ‘Mahi Mera Dil’

In the song, we can see the chemistry between the hostage (Khushali Kumar) and the hijacker (Aparakshit Khurana).

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R. Madhavan is coming up with a new movie this September, ‘Dhoka: Round D Corner’. It is a crime-thriller movie under the direction of Kookie Gulati and under the production of T-Series. It stars R .Madhavan in the lead role as the husband, Khushali Kumar as his wife, and Aparakshit Khurana in the movie’s lead cast. This will be the debut of Khushali Kumar. Since the movie release is just in a couple of days, the fans are super excited to see what R. Madhavan will bring to the audience after the success of Rocketry: The Nambi Effect. The movie will release tomorrow that is 23rd of September.

Arijit Singh working with R.Madhavan for a magical theatrical experience

Since its song ‘Mahi Mera Dil’ just went on youtube the fans are loving it. under the span of just 17 hours the song has already blessed more than 10 lakh people. Kumaar gave the lyrics and Tanishk Bagchi gave its music score. In the soothing voice of Arijit Singh, the song is finally out.

R. Madhvan

‘Beparwah Hai Mahi Mera Puchhe Naa Mera Haal Ve Kisi Gall Da Vi Jawaab Naa Deve Mere Rote Rahe Sawaal Ve’ are some of the genius lyrics behind the songs. Even though Amar Mohile composed its background score, the song is seeming lively in the voice of Arijit Singh.

In the song, we can see the chemistry between the hostage (Khushali Kumar) and the hijacker (Aparakshit Khurana). Which was a surprise after watching the trailer. According to the audience, the movie going to be different than just a hostage-Hijacker situation. Even though the case of Khushali Kumari is revealed in the trailer, she is a patient with a delusional disorder. All the hints are adding up to Khushali Kumar’s delusional love arc with the hijacker. Aparakshit Khurana can also be seen behind the bars in the movie, even though it can’t be said from which part of the movie that scene had been taken.



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