“Pulling out” ceremony for CISF sniffer dog Rani as she retired after 9 years of service.


A dog always proves to be a loyal creature ever live. Apart from loyalty, this creature provides security to our nation whether it is forensic or some army drills, dog always proves handy. On August 6, 2022, we witness one of the best ceremonies that this creature can receive. Rani a sniffer dog receive a “pulling out” ceremony as she retired after 9 years of service. Rani, one of the eight bomb-sniffing dogs at the Chennai airport.

With the collaboration of the personnel of the CISF(Central Industrial Security Force) and the officer of the AAI(Airport Authority of India) planned a grand ceremony for RANI. Where they decorated the jeep, in which Rani sit, over a red carpet. The personnel of the CISF showered the jeep with rose petals. Airport Director Sharad Kumar, who pulled the rope said,  “The dog also serves as an officer in the CISF. The ceremony is usually given to dogs also when they retire.”

The retirement ceremony is a military tradition that is followed by a few central government organizations to accord honor to their officers on their retirement days. Generally, after retirement dog stays with the handler and not be put to work.

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