Prakash Jha`s ‘Highway Nights’ shortlisted for Oscars

Prakash Jha starrer 'Highway Nights' has been shortlisted for the Oscars. It has been shortlisted in the short film category.

Raushan Kumar
Raushan Kumar
Highway Nights

Actor-director Prakash Jha starrer short film ‘Highway Nights‘ has been shortlisted for Oscars. It is under consideration for selection for the Academy Awards. The film directed by Shubham Singh, stars Prakash Jha as a truck driver named Sitaram. In the film he picks up a sex worker named Manju from the highway on a particular night. During the journey, both of them talk. Eventually, a special bond develops between them, Sitaram feels a fatherly affection for Manju.

Words of the director about the film

Talking about ‘Highway Nights’, director Shubham said, ”As a travel freak and an explorer of Indian diversity, I always used to travel to different regions. And during one of my travels, when i came across roadside eateries, I was sitting at a dhaba, i saw a little girl looking for a customer to satisfy her hunger. Suddenly a mysterious old man called him and offered him food.”

He further recalled, ”I was looking at the whole incident with suspicion. but all my preconceived notions the thoughts went wrong when the old man slowly paid for the food, asking for nothing in return, The girl thanked the man for his good behavior and left the premises without finding any customer. And that`s where i started my ‘Highway Night’ Journey”.

‘Highway Nights’ shows the pain of women

The film inspired by the real history of the Bachha tribe in Madhya Pradesh. This shows how women abused and forced into the vicious cycle of prostitution in remote areas of India. Shubham said, ”After my extensive research, i discovered the Banchhra tribe, where traditionally the men of the family do not opt for any work, but they engage the women of the family in prostitution. Highway Nights, a short film starring actor-director Prakash Jha. Which has been nominate for an Oscar. It  is taken into consideration for the Academy Awards. In the Shubham Singh-directed movie, Prakash Jha plays Sitaram, a truck driver.

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