Popular Rapper Honey Singh Got Divorced

Yo Yo Honey Singh and Shalini Talwar have now ended their marriage of 11 years.

Honey Singh and Shalini Talwar

Hidresh Singh popularly known as YO YO Honey Singh got divorced from his wife Shalini Talwar. In compensation for the divorce, The Rapper has to pay 1 crore as settlement as alimony. On 23rd January 2011, they both married in a private space with limited people. Last year in Delhi’s Tis Hazari court, Shalini filed for divorce, and accused Honey Singh of domestic violence and having relations with other women.  After Fighting the case for more than one year court accepted Shalini’s divorce appeal. In the family court of Saket district court, Delhi, Honey Singh handed over a check of one crore.

Shalini Talwar is an Actor and Model by profession. She has just done a single movie Run(2004) which is only a cameo role. She got highlighted when Honey Singh introduced her in the Hustle show. Shalini said, “She has Given 10 years to this marriage but in return for this she got only torture.” Shalini Talwar had sought compensation of Rs 10 crore under the ‘Domestic Violence, Protection of Women Act, but the two had an agreement on one crore.

Shalini Talwar in Hustle Show    

Honey Singh on his Divorce Rumours!

On his Instagram, he posted a photo “I have never issued a public statement or press note in the past despite being subjected to harsh criticism for my lyrics, speculation on my health, and negative media coverage in general. However, I see no merit in maintaining a studied silence this time because some of the allegations have been directed at my family, my old parents, and younger sister who have stood by me during some very difficult and trying times and comprise my world. The allegations are cynical and defaming in nature ”

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