Physics Wallah Web Series Review: Sridhar Dubey’s telling the difference between reading and teaching

Alakh Pandey biography will be seen in a new web series

Jalpana Mohanty
Jalpana Mohanty
Physics Wallah Web Series Review

In Super 30, Vikas Behl showed the struggle of life of Patna’s coaching director Anand Kumar. Films have been made on education and teachers in Hindi cinema, but this was the first biopic of a coaching director. Now, this experiment has also happened in OTT space and the biopic of Alakh Pandey, the founder of Physics Wallah Online Coaching has come on Amazon Mini TV.

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Physics Wallah the new web series

The title of this series of 6 episodes is Physics Wallah. This series showcases Alakh Pandey’s passion for the study of Physics. The character of Alakh is played by Shridhar Dubey in the series. The story of the series is based on the incidents in the life of Alakh Pandey, but the writing of Sameer Mishra has done the work of adding drama to it.

Alakh is studying in the third year of engineering college in Kanpur, but he does not want to do a corporate job like other students, where life is limited to coding only. It is a matter of those times when there was a boom in the IT sector and the destination of students studying in every branch of engineering was coding in an IT company.

The elder sister has the responsibility of the family. Her income limited and she tells Alakh about her responsibilities. Alakh only wants to teach. Inspired by his mother’s teachings, Alakh wants to become a teacher who wants to teach those students who do not concentrate on their studies. He joins coaching and gets busy fulfilling his dream.

Shridhar Dubey will be playing the lead role

Shridhar Dubey’s performance has done the job of adding life to the flat story. According to the journey of this character, Sridhar has successfully shown different shades of Alakh’s life. Sridhar has enlivened the journey from student to becoming physics teacher by coaching with his acting. Radha Bhatt in the role of elder sister and Anurag Thakur in the role of friend have given equal support. Abhishek Dhandhariya’s direction is solid, but due to the story being stretch its effect got reduce. Flattening the narrative into six episodes of fifty minutes each reduces interest. However, Abhishek has done a good job in crafting and shaping the characters according to their locality.

Whether the character is in Kanpur or Allahabad, the difference is visible. Moreover, this has taken care of in the instructions. Manikandan Ramamurthy’s cinematography has successfully captured the pulse of the towns of Uttar Pradesh, which supports the story.  There are a lot of masalas based on coaching, college, and student life in the OTT space. The physics guy seems to be a part of this crowd. The lives of coaching and teachers have captured in web series like Kota Factory. Hence, such stories may not attract much. Physics Wala can be watch for the acting, simplicity, and honesty of the cast. The series streamed on Mini TV, available on the Amazon Shopping App, for free viewing.

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