Payal Ghosh Claim Bollywood Industry Support #MeToo Convicted

She told the more controversial you are the more you will be encouraged on reality shows. Controversial people get support from the industry people.

Payal Ghosh

From the time the #MeToo movement started, it refused to die down. Recently the movement got filmmaker Sajid Khan, who is currently in the reality show Bigg Boss Season 16 as a participant. Despite being accused by so many small actors still, Sajid got the show and living in the Bigg Boss house. Speaking about this, actress Payal Ghosh – professed that Anurag Kashyap sexually frayed her in 2013. She, says “Bollywood mein ye sab Kisi ko farq nahi padhtha hai (Nobody cares what you have gone through in Bollywood).” At one point she also being accused of creating such controversies. And being one of the desired candidates for the reality show.

Payal Ghosh On Reality Show

She said, “the more controversy you create the more you are the perfect candidate for the reality show. Channel ko kya unko tho Sirf Paisa aur TRP se Matlab (These channels always focus on their TRP and Money). I take a stand out to share my experience so that others can learn from it. But koi farq nahi padhtha ye sab chaltha rahega kyu ki industry support karate hai aise logo ko. ( I think no one care’s what other individuals going through and it will go like this because the industry supports these people).

Furthermore, she talked about the people who are in Power, she told “Everyone in power is connected to each other.” She kept a reference to Bigg Boss and say “Agar Salman Khan (Host of the show)  nahi chayenge Kisi contestant ko tho wo contestant Kabhi bhi nahi aa sakhtha. Salman aur ye sab contestants sab connected hai.” Payal revealed how raising her voice makes her lose many roles and jobs. She believed that it becomes the mindset of people that he/she will create problems in the future. She wraps up by saying what she did on her Birthday which was on 13th November.

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