Neetu Kapoor bought Mercedes Maybach GLS600

Neetu Kapoor is looking very happy.

Jalpana Mohanty
Jalpana Mohanty

Neetu Kapoor Mercedes Maybach Cost Ranbir Kapoor’s mama and Alia Bhatt’s mama-in-law have bought a Mercedes Maybach GLS600 SUV. Its cost is Rs2.92 crore. The company of the auto has participated in filmland with Neetu Kapoor on Instagram. The actress has added this new vehicle to her collection. Neetu Kapoor was before seen in the film flagon Jio. She has taken delivery of the vehicle in Mumbai.

Neetu Kapoor can be seen unveiling the new vehicle

The franchisee platoon of the vehicle participated in the filmland on Instagram. At the same time, She can be seen unveiling her new vehicle on a videotape. In one picture she’s seen worshiping. In another, she’s seen posing in front of her auto. It’s worth seeing the smile on his face. In one picture, she’s also seen cutting a huge chocolate cake.

Neetu Kapoor’s new Mercedes Maybach has arrived

The company has posted prints and videos on Instagram. It reads,’ Neetu Kapoor’s new Mercedes Maybach has arrived. Congratulations Neetu Kapoor. May your drive be good like your career? This auto has numerous great features. Like there’s a massage seat. There’s a12.3- inch binary screen display. At the same time, there’s also a provision for a sunroof in it. It’s the first SUV to be named Maybach. Before this Maybach was possessed by Ranveer Singh, Ayushmann Khurrana, Ram Charan, and Arjun Kapoor. She has kept the monotone shade only. Whereas, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt like to drive Range Rover.

Neetu Kapoor made a comeback to flicks after 9 times with flagon Jio. Piecemeal from him, Anil Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, and Kiara Advani also had important places in this film. Her hubby Rishi Kapoor passed away in 2020. Last time he also shared in Dance Deewane Junior. She’ll soon be seen playing the part of Sunny Kaushal’s mama in the film named Letter to Mr. Khanna.

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