National Cinema Day CHUP only collects $3 million

CHUP collected a whooping amount of 3.06 Crore on its first day. Though Movie Tickets cost only 75.

Chup movie hit the award

CHUP which was released on 23rd September with the tagline “Revenge of the Artist”.  Collects a whopping amount of 3.06 Crores on its opening day.  CHUP shows a good Audience but due to  National Cinema Day films couldn’t collect that much amount. While Multiplex Association has announced that National Cinema Day will celebrate on the 16th of September. But it was extended for a week and decided to celebrate on 23rd September. On this day any movie tickets will be available at rupees 75.  On National Cinema Day two films were released  CHUP and DHOKHA which feature R Madhavan.

CHUP Star Cast
CHUP Star Cast

Synopsis of the Movie

CHUP: Revenge of the Artist in which Sunny Deol who portrays the role of a Police Officer who is trying to track the down the mystery of multiple killings of Film Critics. Usually, a serial killer left something an impression but this time a serial killer carves stars into his victim’s bodies as they kill them. His target is the film critics who give a low rating. Suspense films are films that are liked by everyone even the critics appreciate them.

The trailer gives an example of the  Kaagaz Ke Phool(1959) directed by Guru Dutt. Guru Dutt’s best film was Kaagaz Ke Phool but because film critics gave a bad rating to the film this got the director into depression and stopped making films. “Critics Are The Killer” is the one line in the trailer and everyone liked it. Though in National Cinema Day film was seen by more than 3 lakh people which is itself a great number. Makers are a little tensed about the numbers as large numbers of people already watched the movies. It will be hard to figure out whether the targeted audience has seen it or just because the low cost of tickets price lures the audience. It will be interesting to see how the movie will perform in the coming days.

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