Mukesh Khanna targeted Ekta Kapoor`s TV serials, said- you have destroyed…

Raushan Kumar
Raushan Kumar

Mukesh Khanna has recently targeted Ekta Kapoor and her TV serials. Referring to a statement of actor Pankaj Beti. Mukesh Khanna has said that our TV industry has lost many between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Apart from acting Shaktimaan fame actor Mukesh Khanna is also well known for his impetuosity. Every day actor keep voicing his opinion on different issues. Once again something similar has happened. This time the actor has targeted TV queen Ekta Kapoor. He has talked about Ekta`s mother-in-law TV serials and accused her of destroying her.

What Mukesh Khanna said?

Watch the video here:

Mukesh Khanna has shared the video on his You Tube channel, in which he refers to a statement of actor Pankaj Beti and says, “I have liked this thing of Pankaj Beti that our TV industry is lost somewhere between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. He further says, “I had said this thing 6 years ago that Ekta Kapoor you annihilated TV by making Saas-Bahu and i repeat this thing again and i feel like speaking again. This video is of 5 minutes and 14 seconds in which he said many other things.

Film will be made on Mukesh Khanna`s Shaktiman:

Talking about Mukesh Khanna`s work front, he has worked in many TV shows and films. He has done hit shows like Shaktimaan, Vaarish, Vishwamitra, Mahayodha, Chandrakanta. He also performed the role of ‘Bishma’ in epic TV serial Mahabharata. Recently news came out that Mukesh is going to make a film on Khanna famous show ‘Shaktimaan’. There is no information about the starcast yet. Let us tell you that the actor got the fame after successful TV serial Shaktimaan. His character as ‘Bishma’ in Mahabharata was epic and people liked that very much. The show Shaktimaan was first telecasted on 13 September 1997 and last till 2005. Also read


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