Moving In With Malaika: Bharti Singh came to the rescue of Malaika, gave a befitting reply to those who trolled Malaika

Malaika Arora is often trolled on her age and figure. This time Bharti Singh has came to defend her from the trollers.

Raushan Kumar
Raushan Kumar

Actress Malaika Arora is in discussion these days about her show ‘Moving In With Malaila‘. The show is currently airing on Disney+ Hotstar. Malaika is seen sharing many things related to her life in this show. Along with this, her close friends and family members are also seen sharing interesting things related to Malaika. Recently Malaika Arora shared a clip of her show on Instagram. As usual some people started trolling the actress. But, this time Malakika`s friend Bharti Singh has come to rescue her. She has given a befitting reply to the trolls.

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Bharti Singh has given befitting reply

It is generally seen that Malaika is often trolled on social media for her age, work, body and love life. When she is talked about such people in her show, Bharti Sing gave a befitting reply. A clip of this has been shared by Malaika from her official Instagram account. In the video, Bharti is wearing a red color outfit and matching heels. Malaika wore a sleeveless black tee with white pants. Bharti said at the beginning of the video, ‘There should be a show, those who go trolled should be sitting in front, so that they can answer them’.

Malaika read the comments on the show

In the video, Malaika read a comment from her smartphone, which read, ‘What clothes are you wearing at this age?‘ To which Bharti replied, ‘Do you look like his father, she wears whatever she wants. She has a body. Sometimes talk on thin people, sometimes talk of fat people? Are you guys well? Do you not do any work? Then she read another comment, ‘Aunty go home and rest.’ Immediately. Bharti said, ‘Who said aunty.’ The comedian also replied to those who called her pictures photoshopped and fake and said, ‘Apko kisne kaha photoshop hai. You have this much knowledge of social media and cameras. So go to work brother what are you ding here?

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