Mika Singh: Akanksha being told by Mika that he is more than just a buddy

Bollywood singer Mika Singh in in discussion for his marriage. Now the singer spoke on this openly that Akansha is more than a friend

Raushan Kumar
Raushan Kumar

Bollywood singer Mika Singh is in discussion for his marriage in past few days. However, he did not spoke openly on the marriage with Akanksha. But, it is clear with his statement that they both are dating each other. In such situation, fans are eagerly waiting for their wedding date.

Akanksha was selected in ‘Mika Di Voti’

Akanksha was selected in Mika Di Voti Regarding the date of her marriage, Mika said that Akanksha and they are very good friends. His relationship with Akanksha is much more than friendship. Actually, Mika had chosen Akanksha as his partner in the reality show ‘Mika Di Voti’. His fans are very happy with this. All the fans of Mika are waiting for his marriage and to become his groom. However, regarding the marriage of both, no update has come to the fore yet. Singer was asked about this in an interview.

Mika told that Akansha is more than a friend

Mika Singh did not say anything directly about marriage with Akanksha. Singer told about his and Akanksha’s relationship that both of them are very good friends, but their relationship with Akanksha is much more than friendship. He said that at the moment we keep planning and meet. These days he is also busy and I am also busy with my work, but we are good friends.

Singer Akanksha and Mika, according to Mika, are more than just girlfriend and boyfriend. She is a lovely young lady. Every time they encounter Akanksha, they have fun. Each enjoys the other. After that, when questioned about marriage, Singer responded that while it is essential, it should only be done when the moment is right. Micah stated that he is now quite busy. There is a lot of work and a lot of shows to do. We’ll get married whenever a nice day and a good moment present themselves. Marriage must occur and will undoubtedly occur since God creates couples and it is stated that it must.

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