Marvel D23: New Marvel Movies, Everything you need to know

Marvel finally reveals its Phase 5 plans. Wakanda Forever, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Secret Invasion, and Many more revealed

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Marvel Cinematic Universe annually hosts an event, this year the worldwide franchise hosted the event Marvel D23. In the event, they usually discuss their future plans for their movies and the characters inside them. 

Some of the Key Highlights were:-

  • Wakanda Forever by MCU

After the disappearance of T’Challa Wakanda is now more vulnerable to the outsiders of the world. The whole world is after their advanced resources and Vibranium repositories and their advanced tech. A humongous long-awaited fight between Namor and M’Baku is also there in the cutscene. 

  • Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania by MCU

Lead actor Paul Rudd himself comes on the stage to announce the movie. Also tells us about the really interesting insight into the movie that, Kang is also in the movie which will later connect to the Avengers: Kang Dynasty. In the movie, Ant-Man is given a job to do a ‘heist’ in the quantum realm in order to save his daughter. Kang is now confused and lost count of how many avengers he has killed in the other realities before landing in this one.

  • Secret Invasion by MCU

Marvel studios finally gave out the long-awaited trailer of Secret Invasion. The trailer is hard to relate to other Marvel trailers. It’s different, rather than being a plane superhero movie, Secret Invasion is going to be an espionage-thriller. The tensed background score, featuring Nick Fury in a scene really made fans skill a beat. No jokes no fun, just suspense

  • Loki Season 2

After the success of Loki Season 1, the studio decides to move on with its story. Loki Season 2 is here. Tom Hiddleston himself announced the project, with a teaser. With a heavy role of Kang, the movie is rumored to be related to The Avengers: Kang Dynasty. Loki returns to TVA, glitching into time, but nobody recognizes him.

Marvel Cinematic Universe’s amazing lines for movies and web series

More series like Ironheart, Fantastic Four, Echo, and the most awaited DareDevil. Daredevil: Born Again with lead role Charlie Coxx will be in the pipeline for this phase. Even more movies like Captain America: New World order with a new Captain America. Also Thunderbolts, the movie will close on the Marvel D23 event


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