Lock Up Season 2:- This most irritating contestant of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ will be seen in the show

Lock Up Season 2 starting soon

Jalpana Mohanty
Jalpana Mohanty

It’s been 4 days since Bigg Boss 16 ended, but Lakshmi Mata’s blessings on its contestants are not stopping. Every member of the show got work, some in films, some in serials. However, Archana Gautam, who reached Bigg Boss house from a politician, remained empty in this matter. She gave many auditions at home but did not get selected for any. Now his pocket is also seen to be filling. Now Lock Up Season 2 is going to start.

Archana will be seen in Kangana’s jail?

According to media reports, Archana Gautam has been liked by Ekta Kapoor for her reality show Lock Up Season 2. He has offered his show to Archana. It is not known what answer Archana has given on this, but she may be seen in Kangana Ranot’s jail. Archana, by the way, is famous in her assembly seat by the name of Bikini Queen.

Archana Gautam will be seen in Lock Up Season 2

The actress is seen as one of the most entertaining contestants of Bigg Boss 16. Some people were even considering him a winner. Archana had also reached the top 5 but then she was eliminated. Now, what havoc this Silbatta girl of Bigg Boss house wreaks havoc in ‘Lock Up 2’, only time will tell, because where there is Archana, there is no controversy, how can it happen?

The show will start in March

There is news about Lock Up 2 that it is going to start in mid-March. However, no official information has come about it yet. The hottest topic of the last season was host Kangana Ranaut. This Lady Dabangg of Bollywood used to free sixes from the prisoners with her impeccable style. In such a situation, it will also be interesting to see what kind of relationship is going to be between him and Archana.

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