Karan Johar Full Support to Brahmastra before the launch of the film.

Brahmastra Which will be released on 9th September 2022.


Brahmastra Which will be released on 9th September 2022 starred big names like Amitabh Bacchan, Nagarjuna sir, and the newlyweds Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. The film is already in the hype just because of the star cast and the story of the Hindu Mythology god Shiva. When any Alia Bhatt film releasing, Karan johar is always excited about it and shows full support for the film Brahmastra. Karan Johar showed full trust in the Director of Brahmastra Ayan Mukerji.


Karan Johar and Ayan Mukerji

Karan Johar in full praise for Ayan Mukerji said “He has given 9 years for these films, he can do multiple films in this period. This is a dream project for him and the audience had never seen such a thing in Indian cinema. The budget and the techniques used in this film are top-notch, we are going to witness a masterpiece from Ayan Mukerji.” In an interview, he further discussed how Ayan Mukerji is in real and social life. How he hasn’t changed after getting so much success in this film industry. He further said “Yet Ayaan is not so much socially active. He is driving the same old car which he used to drive seven years ago.” Karan Johar further emphasized that he believed that Brahmastra will be Huge-hit for Ayan Mukerji.


Chemistry Between Ayan Mukerji and Ranbir Kapoor

We are aware of the fact that the first film was a huge hit Wake Up Sid. After that Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani was a huge hit for them. After this, there is no going back for them, though they haven’t done films after Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani yet they stick together. Now they are like families, both can be seen in each other family events. Directors also claim that they like to work with the actor with whom they are comfortable. Ayan Mukerji also states that “he is comfortable with Ranbir and Ranbir is a natural actor and will be fit for the romantic role which he will be playing in Brahmastra Part One- Shiva.”

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