Jaya Bachchan Finally revealed why she Annoyed with the media

Jaya Bachchan said "I execrate people when they interface in our personal life "

Jaya Bachchan with her Daughter

Jaya Bachchan wife of Amitabh Bachchan always seems annoyed with the media coverage. Jaya Bachchan often hit the headline not because of her good deeds but of her angry encounter with the media persons. Meanwhile, other’s celebrity wants to click their photos with the paparazzi but the old woman seems to distance herself.  Finally, the veteran actress revealed in her granddaughter  Navya Naveli Nanda’s podcast (What The Hell) why she seems always execrate with paparazzi. Jaid said, “I execrate people when they interface in our personal life and for the entertainment sake they sold out life just to fill their stomach.”

Furthermore, she continues by saying she hates it and is disgusted with these kinds of people. She always asks the paparazzi “Don’t you feel ashamed” (Aaplog ko Sharam nahi aati). Granddaughter asked Nani whether she knew these things happen when she become an actor. She replied “never endorse it”, and it upset her. This interface she hates from the start of her career. It is not like like something it build yesterday. If you asking about my work-related then it is ok. you can comment on me my performance. Because people will forget all things.

Additionally, she talked about the trolls “If people are earning through my anger or my comment with posting it on social media. I don’t give a damn about it.  Everyone has a different opinion of one’s personality and work which I understand. you can criticize me and cut it into pieces, I accept it. But you don’t have any credibility to judge my personal character. Wherever any celebrity goes for a normal walk these guys reach with their cameras. It breaches any individual life and it sucks. she ended up saying why am I not a Human Being?.

In the last week, the duo of Granddaughter and Nani was spotted by paparazzi at a fashion event.  Jaya told some pap “Serves you well. I hope you double and fall.”

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