Ishita Dutta: Vijay Salgaonkar’s daughter wowed with her beautiful look

The actress has spread the magic of her beauty on social media.

Jalpana Mohanty
Jalpana Mohanty

Ishita Dutta is a well-known actress in the television assiduity. He has worked in numerous television diurnals and has now shown his mettle on the big screen as well. Many months agone, his’ Drishyam 2′ was released, which took off at the box office as soon as it arrived. Ishita Dutta’s as much as I liked Ajay Devgan’s character in this movie. Her look in the film was simple, but in real life, she’s relatively glamorous. Her film got a huge success in Bollywood. The audience were loving the movie. All the parts of the film earned many awards.

Ishita Dutta participated in the pink vesture

The actress has done a swish photoshoot in a pink outfit, some filmland of which she has participated on social media. Ishita’s sensuous look is liked a lot in these stunning prints. suckers are liking his style and prints clicked in different acts. The actress has enhanced her look with open hair and raw make-up. She was looking amazing.

The Actress shines with a swish look

Ishita Dutta in a simple look in the film’ Drishyam 2′ won everyone’s hearts with her amusement and innocence. After impressing the followership on the big screen, the actress is winning the hearts of suckers on social media. Anyway, Ishita Dutta frequently keeps posting filmland on social media. Her husband is also quite active on social media.

Be it traditional or western, The actress knows how to transude beauty in every look. Significantly, after the success of’ Drishyam 2′, Ishita has lately shifted to a new house with her actor hubby Vassar Seth. The couple is one of the most lovable couples in the TV industry. The actress had participated in some filmland about the construction of the house. Ishita Dutta and Vassar Seth have taken this house contrary to actor Kushal Tandon’s house.

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