Is She-Hulk a failure | Everything wrong with She-Hulk

The first time when She-Hulk walks inside her office it looked like I connected my old PS2 to my grandpa's old TV.

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Marvel‘s She-Hulk came out a month ago, and since then it is receiving hateful reviews and comments. The show star a normal lawyer Jennifer Walters lawyering the law in the initial days. Who is a cousin of Bruce Banner. Somehow exposed to his blood Jennifers becomes Hulk possessing the powers of a hulk. But with more control and conscious decisions.

The plot of the series was standard and very Marvel-ish. So where did it all go wrong? What made She-hulk the ‘worst ever’ web series by Marvel? Keep reading to know it.

She-Hulk offers bad CGI and a lack of story and buildup

Remember the scene where She-Hulk comes to her office for the second time in the series. The first time in her new suit when the actor walks inside it looks like I connected my old PS2 to my grandpa’s old TV. Whenever the CGI She-Hulk opens up her mouth it gives the zombie vibes and is just the worst CGI ever from Marvel. Remember in episode 6 in the opening She-Hulk walking in a pink dress, the CGI looked super terrible.


Every Marvel movie that has touched people’s hearts has first started its character buildup through multiple episodes. Remember in Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse, when Miles Morales was tied to the chair, everyone was waiting eagerly. So that when the protagonist finally becomes worthy of that power, it actually means something to it. Unlike in She-Hulk, neither the writers nor the actors themselves take the show seriously. Giving her the whole power in episode 1 and then disrespecting The Hulk.

Toxic Feminism and trashing actual Heroes

The movie is full of instances when the only struggle of the protagonist was against men who are in totally different leagues than her. She-Hulk explains to Hulk why she is better than Hulk at controlling her anger. She says, ‘So, I am an expert at controlling my anger because infinitely more than you.’ She-Hulk is nothing but a little girl’s high school musical with a bigger budget. She-Hulk hates competing men in the show, while the irony is she constantly tries to achieve male validation of her real self in the show

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