Is Black Adam a good guy or a bad guy | Trailer Review

It is yet not clarified whether the character of Black Adam will be a hero, villain, or anti-hero. The trailer has shown two sides of Black Adam.

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The second trailer for Black Adam  released a week ago, and it is still the most anticipated film of the month. Black Adam, starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, will be released in theatres on October 21st. It is unclear if the character will be a hero, villain, or anti-hero. The teaser revealed two sides of Black Adam. The persona displayed no fear of anything, from destroying helicopters to stating ‘I kneel before no one.’ Every ‘hero’ in the trailer should be beaten to a pulp.

After crashing the millinery helicopters together it is not sure if the character is a hero. Supporting the argument of a villain, fans have also pointed out his fight with the ‘Hawkman’ in the trailer. Also in some shots, he clearly seen fighting with the Justice society. According to some fan theories, the JSA as a group of heroes is on its way to stop the villain, Black Adam.

Black Adam

What do comics say about Black Adam

In the DC comics, we can see Black Adam posing as a villain on multiple occasions. Initially, the origin of Black Adam is a character the villain. After some significant events in his life, he later chooses to improve himself and still become a better man. He still isn’t a completely nice guy, does property damage, takes lives relentlessly, and does a greater good. But due to some later consequences, he again becomes an anti-hero this time.

In this trailer, we have confirmed to see him as a villain from his rogue dialogues. For all that his damage to property, like crashing helicopters into the building and crashing fighter jets in mid-air. Also, we might see ‘intergang’ in the movie. Who will be a strong resistance group, sourced by Darkseid himself is a very powerful organization. The movie will release on 21st of the October, fans are eagerly waiting to see Dwyane the rock johnson join the DCU for the first time.


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