Here Are Those Four Bollywood Films That Were Bycotted In 2022

Raushan Kumar
Raushan Kumar

Boycott trends and cancel culture have become all the rage on social media media nowadays. Movies like which have potential of long run have fallen prey to the anger and discontentment of internet users. Big stars like Akshay Kumar, Aamir Khan and Ranveer Kapoor who has given many blockbestrs and hits to the industry suddenly fallen out of favour from thousands fans. Take a look on those 4 films that have been boycotted this year…

1.Laal Singh Chaddha for religious reasons

Aamir Khan old comments on bigotry and ‘ not feeling safe’ upset the citizens enough for the boycott of Laal Singh Chadda. Same reason were present for the boycott of Dangal but the film content were so goos that overshadow the controversy. Laal Singh Chadda was not lucky enough. In his past films like Pk and disrespecting religion contributed to the call for the ban of Laal Singh Chadda.

2. Rakshabandhan for religious controversy

Apparently, Akshay kumar comments on Sanatan dharm and writer Kanika Dhillon`s old words on gau mutra, hijab ban are the main reason why a family drama like Rakshabandhan got the boycott trend. It is sad that movies based on family drama are getting boycott trends. But Akshay Kumar has movies lined up on Sanatan dharma like Ram Setu, OMG 2. Earlier Akshay played role of lord krishna in OMG.

This can happen only in 2022, where a film got boycotted only if someone comments on boycott. Unusual occurance happened with Liger. Vijay, known for his excellent work and speaking straight forward and truth, said the boycott culture was going a little too far. It was his first film in Bollywood and this happens to him. Proves that you can`t win a bout against the trollers.

4.Brahmastra for Ranbir`s cusine

Beef has been a huge political and religious red flag in our country. Most liberals Indians will tell you, whether you intake meat or not, you must not advertise your opinion publicially. Ranbir Kapoor found it hard, when he speak about meat consuming. In the end Bramhstra got boycott.


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