Hera Pheri 3: Without Akshay Kumar, No Entry Without Salman

It has been seen that makers are having problems carrying on film franchises with original stars.

Hera Pheri 3

As are aware of the fact that Akshay Kumar confirmed that he will not be a part of the Hera Pheri 3. This resulted in the Twitter trend with “No Hera Pheri 3 Without Akshay Kumar” trends. Gradually, it led to a discussion about why filmmakers are having problems carrying on film franchises with original stars. Even according to the people of the Bollywood industry carrying forward the film franchise with the original cast is always the best deal.  Khiladi Akshay gave the reason that there is some creative issue that’s why he decided to part ways. Now, it has been said that Salman Khan will not be a part of the No Entry sequel. Makers also confirm there will be Kartik Aaryan but not in Akshay’s character but in some different.

Still, there is Sanjay Dutt who confirms that he is working for the Munna Bhai franchise. Director Anees Bazmee shares his opinion, he told “According to film commercials, makers should go with the original cast. Not because they have big names but because they are the film’s essence. Eventually, makers have to wait a longer period of time for the original cast, it they are getting any alternative they should explore that also. But that could be not in your favor.” Anees Bazmee is the director who revived the franchise of Bhool Bhulaiyaa.

Suni Shetty also talked about co-star Akshay’s decision. He said “hum 14  saal vanwas kaat liye, phr bhi problem hai tho kharab baat hai ( we already waited for 14 years, and still people have problems then it hurts). Moreover, he gives a suggestion that we should talk and deal with this like an adult. Meanwhile, Sunil Shetty also confirms that Kartik will not be in Raju’s character. And promises fans he will talk with them after the 20th of November. It will be interesting to see who will play Raju’s character as he will get a lot of hatred.

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