Exclusive: Trailer of ‘Vikram Vedha’ to be played in in cinemas before ‘Brahmastra’

Raushan Kumar
Raushan Kumar

After half-hot August, the month of September was keenly awaited. In this month there will be the clash of stars. In September the two of most awaited movies – Brahmastra and Vikram Vedha will release. Brahmastra starring Rabir kapoor, Alia Bhatt and many others will be in threatres on this Friday. While trailer of Vikram Vedha will release on September 8. The teaser has got an outstanding response and hence, all eyes are on trailer.

News is coming that the trailer of VikramVedha will be shown before Brahmastra in cinemas. The trailer will not be attached to the prints of the Brahmastra. The trailer will be shown just before super hero(Brahmastra) starts. The owners agreed on this deal as they know that Vikram Vedha is the horse of long run. Film ‘Brahmastra’ is going to have a wide release and hype is terrific. Thus, the makers of Vikram Vedha thought that the trailer of film will get a wide number of viwership if we they play the trailer before Brahmastra movie.

More movies are in the row:

According to the reports trailers of Black Panther:Wakanda Forever and Avatar 2 have been attached with the  prints of Brahmastra. If this happens then it will be a treat for the viewers as they are the mmost awaited trailers of 2022 while they venture out to see Brahamastra. Vikram Vedha stars Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan and it is remake of tamil film of same name. The realease of trailer date have already been sheduled for many times but now it is confirmed that it will release on 8 September. Viewers are holding their breathe tight for these upcoming movies. It will be interesting to see how these movies go on box office as many stars in recent are failed to do so.



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