Everything about Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Part-1

According to the reports Ryan Coogler almost made a life-changing decision to walk away from the entertainment business.

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When director Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther starred by Chadwick Boseman hit for the big screens in 2018. It was suddenly a new fashion and benchmark for the other Marvel superhero movies. The movie suddenly was famous. Its VFX and CGI were too good and different, vibrating and deep-rooted into nature. A huge part of the glory of the movie was from its lead actor Chadwick Boseman who was a fighter just as he was in the movie. When he passed away on August 28, 2020, due to colon cancer, he left a massive crater in the hearts of fans and colleagues all around the globe and a big void to fill in.

It’s a void that will never be filled. When Boseman unexpectedly died. the second part of the black panther was already on its way. The loss of the actor and a friend, made the director of the movie do something unexpected. Ryan Coogler almost made a life-changing decision to walk away from the entertainment business.  However, after some time, he instead decided to pivot his sequel to put the death of Boseman, and the character he made famously, front and center. Now, to carry on this legacy, “Black Panther:  Wakanda Forever” is on its way to theaters. As the Marvel Studios reaches into phase 4, Wakanda Forever showcases a new story. The movie promises to introduce a new pivot marvel character, called Namor. Namor will attack with his army on the nation of Wakanda.


Wakanda Forever is a sequel to Black Panther

However, T’Challa’s sister, Shuri, his former rival, M’Baku,  and more make it clear that they won’t give up their home to these invaders without a fight. Only a handful of people have gotten to check out  “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” before the official release. Early reactions to the movie are flooding social media with flying colors. It is now obvious that Ryan Coogler, the entire cast, and crew. Marvel Studios have, at large, produced yet another blockbuster.

One tweet put it well, saying,”#WakandaForever is blockbuster filmmaking on another level. It surpasses the incredible first film with  high stakes and thrilling world-building.”  And made the bold claim that it could be the best MCU entry yet.

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