Drishyam 2 Wrapped up its Shooting with a song in Goa

Drishyam 2 was directed by Abhishek Pathak and will be released on November 18

Vijay Salgaonkar Family

Drishyam 2 will be the added sequel of Drishyam. Drishyam features Ajay Devgan and Tabu as leading protagonists of the story. It is one of the most awaited sequels that every fan wanted. Vijay Salgaonkar and his family are returning back to the big screen. Be ready for another brainstorming movie with a lot of suspense and a thriller.  The film will hit the theatre on 18th November. The cast includes Tabu, Shriya Saran, Ishita Dutta, and Akshaye Khanna. Abhishek Pathak is the director of the film and the music was given by Devi Shri Prasad.

Drishyam 2 wrapped up its Shooting with a song in Goa that features Salgaonkar and his family. Ajay Devgan already shared the teaser which already makes everyone curious why Vijay Salgaonkar needs to confess. When all the charges and suspicion were removed from the Salgaonkar family. The teaser starts with “Vijay Salgaonkar aur uske parivaar ki kahaani toh Yaad hogi na Ki Yaad dilaye aapko?”. In the teaser, there is also a glimpse of the first part of Drishyam what the Salgaonkar family goes through. The teaser ends with Vijay Salgaonkar’s confession that makes everyone doubt why he is confessing. The film already gained a mass fan following because of its storyline.

Synopsis of Part one Drishyam

The English meaning of Drishyam is a Scene. Part one also portrays a scene that never happened but makes everyone believe it actually happened.  The story starts with a cable operator Vijay Salgaonkar who couldn’t study after class 3 due to financial problems. But have a keen interest in watching different films. The Daugther of the cable operator went on a school trip where the son of DGP makes MMS of her. The Son of DGP reached the Salgaonkar family to blackmail her and try to exchange physical intimacy with the video. In his quarrel with Mom and Daughter, the phone was broken and his head was crushed by an iron rod.

When Vijay comes home and tries to find out what actually happened. As Vijay is a big fan of movies he started to vanish all the evidence related to the murder. Even train his family on what story needs to tell the police if they come and how should they behave in front of the family. As DGP is in a very powerful position she came to know what his son has actually done to the girl. She tries everything on Salgaonkar’s Family from physical torture to emotional breakdown but she didn’t get anything.

Eventually, Vijay wins as they can not find any evidence against his family. Not the second part starts with a confession of Vijay Salgaonkar which make everyone in doubt. It will be interesting to see will Drishyam 2 can leave the impact as it is in part one.

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