DC Studios’ Star Jason Mamoa said, “I Absolutely Think Aquaman Will Be Involved’ in the New DC Universe’s Future,..”

Jason Mamoa met with Gunn and Safran shortly after they assumed control of DC Studios in the latter part of last year.

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Jason Mamoa is emphatic that he won’t portray the title role in “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” for the first time in the DC Universe. Since James Gunn and Peter Safran are in charge of DC Studios and are guiding a reimagined DC Universe, many comic book movie fans are concerned about how long Momoa will remain playing Aquaman. Patty Jenkins quit “Wonder Woman 3” owing to creative differences, and amongst the rumors of Henry Cavill playing the Man of Steel, jeopardizing Gal Gadot’s future as Wonder Woman (the Gunn-directed “Superman: Legacy” will center on a younger version of the hero). The initial collection of fresh DC Universe films that Gunn and Safran announced in January did not contain Aquaman.

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‘Aquaman is the biggest of them all..,’ said Jason Mamoa

According to Momoa, Aquaman will surely be a part of the DC Universe, as recently told Total Film. “It’s on, bro, since Aquaman is the biggest of them all! But I do hope folks are excited to see the new one. One has fun. One thing I like is comedy. The writing of Patrick Wilson is incredibly amusing. I love him unconditionally. We had a great time working together. We are similar to brothers. There is a lot of great activity in this one.” Momoa told Variety at the Sundance Film Festival that he met with Gunn and Safran shortly after they assumed control of DC Studios in the latter part of last year.

Jason Mamoa

Jason might play ‘Lobo’ from the DC Comics

Rumor has stated that Momoa will no longer play Aquaman and will instead play Lobo in the new DC Universe. Despite his refusal to say anything definitively, Momoa did suggest that “there might be further characters” from him at DC in the future.

Jason Mamoa

Momoa and his companion created the first treatment for “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,” which was about 55 pages long. It covered Momoa’s dealings with the United Nations regarding the melting of the ice caps in great detail. “Humanity will not be destroyed by extraterrestrials from another planet or a distant galaxy.. We are destroying our planet. To defend our home, we must come together.

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