CONFIRMED: Shah Rukh Khan will be playing a cameo in Brahmāstra: Part One – Shiva as Vanarastra

Shah Rukh Khan as Vanarastra. SRK role confirmed in Brahmastra movie under the direction of Ayan Mukherjee. Deepika Padukone also be there.

Leaked photos of SRK in Brahmastra

 Brahmāstra: Part One – Shiva is be classified the most hyped films by Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. The best thing about this film was the casting. Among them are well-known actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Nagarjuna, and Mouni Roy. Although SRK  not laid out in the movie’s trailers in Brahmastra. There is always speculation that he will be appearing in it.

Recently, a picture that appears to be SRK’s trademark posture has been making the rounds on the internet. Shah Rukh Khan may be seen in the image leaping from the roof while wearing a blood-stained t-shirt and changing into a Hanuman-like structure.


Leaked photos of SRK 

Twitter went crazy after seeing the photos of SRK in the film as we were aware of the fact. Videlicet this film has one of the best cast in the Bollywood industry. It includes one of the biggest stars from the south Nagarjuna sir. If the photo surfing on the internet was correct then we can see SRK under the direction of Ayan Mukerji. The king of romance Shah Rukh Khan also made a comeback to the films after his film “ZERO” was a disaster on the screen. Meanwhile, Pathaan and Jawaan movie names and release dates have already been announced. Including  in between leaked photos of Brahamastra were a treat for the SRK fans.

Deepika Padukone in Brahmastra Part one-Shiva

According to the sources Deepika Padukone will also be spot in Brahmastra as “Mata Parvati”. It synergic to the  mythological story of “Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati” in the film. While the name of the film itself depicts Part one-shiva. It said that Deepika Padukone will be playing a cameo in part One-Shiva. Also it will be take  in the last phases of the film just because her film will set the tone for part two.

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