Chandigarh Celebrates Friendship Day with Divisa Herbals and Empowering Women with Sachi Saheli Ayurvedic Tonic

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Friendship Day Celebration, courtesy of Sachi Saheli

Friendship, a cherished bond devoid of selfishness and discrimination, holds a special place in every individual’s life. As we commemorate this selfless connection, the world celebrates Friendship Day each year, emphasizing the significance of friends and how their presence completes our lives.

On this heartfelt occasion, friends exchange gifts and arrange special events to express their appreciation for one another. A common and time-honored tradition is the act of tying decorative threads around each other’s wrists, symbolizing the depth of their friendship and love.

Friendship Day Celebration, courtesy of Sachi Saheli
Friendship Day Celebration, courtesy of Sachi Saheli

In Chandigarh, Divisa Herbals Pvt. Ltd., in partnership with Sachi Saheli, marked Friendship Day with immense enthusiasm and fervor. The employees of Divisa Herbals came together to tie friendship bands and shared heartfelt moments, supporting each other during times of joy and sorrow. The day served as an opportunity for everyone to express their thoughts and feelings about the significance of friendship.

The event featured the esteemed entrepreneur and investor, Dr. Sanjeev Juneja, popularly known as Brand Machine, who eloquently conveyed the importance of friendship. He described it as an unbreakable bond that surpasses even our closest relationships. With friends, one can freely share thoughts without hesitation. Friendship, he emphasized, transcends all barriers and embraces individuals without discrimination. Friends serve as confidants with whom dreams and secrets are shared, and they offer guidance on the right path. Truly, life would be incomplete without the invaluable presence of friends. Dr. Sanjeev Juneja underscored that trust is the essence of true friendship.

During the celebration, Divisa Herbals presented its flagship Ayurvedic product, “Sachi Saheli” tonic, to the women employees. This remarkable tonic and tablets are carefully crafted from 67 rare natural herbs, specifically designed to alleviate the challenges faced during difficult days, such as severe pain, irritability, backache, and fatigue, commonly experienced by women.

As women today efficiently fulfill their responsibilities both at home and in the workplace, they may encounter stressful situations during difficult days. To address these concerns, Divisa Herbals Pvt. Ltd. developed the Ayurvedic Sachi Saheli Tonic, keeping in mind the unique needs of women.

Sachi Saheli is a certified Ayurvedic tonic that has earned the trust of women over the years by consistently meeting their expectations. Importantly, it boasts a safe and side-effect-free formulation.

The Friendship Day celebration not only reinforced the power of friendship but also provided a platform for Divisa Herbals to highlight its commitment to women’s well-being through Sachi Saheli Ayurvedic Tonic. This thoughtful initiative ensures that women receive the care and support they deserve, making their lives healthier and more enjoyable.

In conclusion, Chandigarh’s Friendship Day celebrations, infused with the spirit of togetherness and empowerment, exemplify the profound impact of friendship on our lives. Divisa Herbals’ dedication to promoting the well-being of women with Sachi Saheli Ayurvedic Tonic stands as a testament to their commitment to nurturing strong and enduring bonds within the community.

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