Burhan Sheikh – The Musical Sensation from J&K

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Burhan Sheikh – The Musical Sensation from J&K

Born & brought up in Kishtwar District of Chenab Valley in Jammu & Kashmir. Burhan has created a sensation in the musical Industry and is known among his well-wishers for his mesmerizing voice and affective tone.

has already made headlines for his outstanding singing style and for making people shake their legs with his unique and powerful voice.

Born and raised in the Kishtwar district of Jammu & Kashmir, Burhan Sheikh has been fascinated by the music culture since he was five. During his school and college days, he sang songs and attracted many ears listening to his soulful voice. Wherever he was given chance to sing a song, He always grabbed praise.

In the Year 2017, He won a singing competition at Himachal Festival.
The Show was judged by prominent celebrities of the music industry Diljaan and Sunil Parihar. The judges were really impressed by his voice and anticipated that will be the new shining star of the valley. With the rising popularity of Burhan Sheikh on Social media, the anticipation of judges came true. People love his soothing voice and his

Despite the hardship he faced, his passion for music was always his priority. His dedication and commitment to music can be seen by his accurate high notes which were praised by various local and national level music icons. India is one of the world’s largest music markets. With 1.3 billion music lovers and strong economic growth, the value of music in India is expected to double in the next few years. With young and vibrant talent like BurhanSheikh, it is beneficial not just for the valley but the whole nation to attract more and more people towards the local culture and Sufi music.

Burhan has always been a believer in the power of the almighty and agrees that it is behind the success of every being, he credited his success to Almighty God and not his talent. He has strengthened his faith in God even more than before and credited all the success he received since then to him.

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