Bigg Boss 16: After being scolded by Tina Dutta’s mother, Sreejita Dey changed her words

Sreejita Dey gave clarification after coming out from Bigg Boss 16

Jalpana Mohanty
Jalpana Mohanty

In Bigg Boss 16’s elimination, actress Sreejita Dey has been evicted from the show. Due to fewer votes, the claim of becoming the winner of the actress ended, but even after coming out, the show is not giving up on her. Sreejita, after entering the show, had termed Tina Dutta as a house breaker for others, which is taking a toll on her after coming out of the house.

Sreejita Dey clarified after coming out from Bigg Boss 16

After coming out of Bigg Boss 16, Sreejita gave an interview with Bigg Buzz. she clarified the controversial statement by saying, “When I said that it has broken many people’s houses, I did not mean that she spoiled someone’s relationship. I meant what she did with Shaleen.” She is facing her karma because of what she has done. I was very angry with her when I said this. “Admitting her mistake, the actress further said,

I had said this on Tina’s relationship with Shaleen, but later I realized that I should not have said this and apologized to her while coming out of the house.” Her mother Madhumita Dutta had also reacted to this comment made by Sreejita on Tina and expressed displeasure that she wanted to see the proof of this allegation leveled against her daughter. Madhumita Dutta expressed displeasure.

Sreejita is out for the second time. Wild card entry Sreejita Dey is the second evicted from the Bigg Boss 16 house. The actress became a show contestant at the very beginning of Bigg Boss but had to go out in the first elimination itself. However, Sreejita re-entered the house as a wild card entry, but she could not last long. Now, let’s wait for the upcoming episode as the show is heading toward its Final Episode. Fans are waiting for it.

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