Bheed: What did Anubhav Sinha Said in the opposition of ‘Bheed’; explained the reason why the voice of PM Modi was removed

Controversy started a few days after the trailer of the Bheed, it started with the voice of PM Modi

Raushan Kumar
Raushan Kumar
Rajumar Rao in Bheed

People have not yet forgotten the outcry created throughout the world during the Corona period and once again Corona is spreading its wings. Famous director Anubhav Sinha has made a film on the condition of the people during this period. The film covers the nationwide lockdown, people walking miles and miles, fighting over food, death from the virus. Now Anubhav Sinha has revealed why PM Modi’s voice was removed from the trailer of ‘Bheed’.

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Bheed Trailer Removed: Anubhav Sinha’s Bheed; trailer removed from YouTube, people asked is this a democracy?

Trailer of ‘Bheed’ was re-uploaded

A few days after the ‘Bheed’trailer came out, controversy erupted, starting with PM Modi’s voiceover. At the same time, its trailer was removed from YouTube a few days ago, after which people raised a lot of questions about it. Later, when the video was uploaded again, the PM’s voice was missing from it. On the other hand, in the trailer of ‘Bheed’, the problems faced by the people during the Corona epidemic have been compared to the partition of the country in 1947, for which protests are being raised.

The voice of PM Modi is removed

In the trailer, a voice-over with the horrors of partition, grim scenes of 1947 and pictures during the lockdown of 2020 said, ‘Desh me ek baar phir hua tha bantwara, in 2020 .. ‘ Objecting to this line, the film was called ‘anti-India’. Recently Anubhav Sinha during an interview talked about the removal of PM’s voice. He said, ‘There are more changes in the trailer, but this has become big news. When the director was asked that this is the biggest change. He agreed, but added, ‘Every film goes through such challenges. I wanted to use Amrita Pritam’s poem in ‘Thappad’, but a day before the release I had to change it.

Anubhav Sinha further said, It doesn’t matter to anyone that I wrote a poem overnight with Punjabi lip sync. Having to write a poem in Punjabi to match Amrita Pritam’s lip sync. Is more interesting than why PM Modi’s voice was removed from the mob trailer.

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