Anupama Latest Episode: Pakhi and Adhik in the same Resort

Star Plus serial Anupama upcoming Twist.

Jalpana Mohanty
Jalpana Mohanty

In recent episode where all the ladies went to resort for spending some quality time. All the men were in Shah’s house. Vanraj and Anuj were sharing some good bonds and talking with each other. To which Vanraj asked an advice to Anuj to how to express feelings to someone rather than being angry. Anuj replied to it and said society always judge men for showing their feelings. Vanraj asked Anuj for some romancing tips and ask how it feel like romancing after being grandfather. Anuj told that it is all about Anupama and this is what matters to him. Later on both of them were jealous of one another for certain things and laugh out loud. But seeing this Ankush got jealous and told Anuj don’t talk with him. Vanraj called pakhi.

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On the other side all the ladies were enjoying the pool side. After that they decided to play truth and dare. The game begins with Barkha and Leela. To which Barkha chooses truth and Leela asked her what she love most her husband or her husband’s surname. She said his surname. Leela told i knew it and everyone out there were shocked by her reply.

After that Barkha explains that she doesn’t hate Ankush but everytime he take her as granted to which she feels bad. Even when there business was in loss Ankush never took advice from her after being a MBA pass out. Also he never allowed her to manage the business of her male ego. That’s why she love the surname. She added loves fade but name stays forever. All got tears after hearing this.

Anupama caught Pakhi Redhanded

Ankush started manipulating Vanraj and told Anuj is more close to him. He also revealed the loan which Samar took from Anuj. Vanraj was stunned after hearing this. When he confront Samar and Anuj about this. Samar explained that he took loan and hide it because he didn’t want him to feel bad. He said don’t worry as the loan was about his career and he will pay him back. Vanraj thanks Anuj.

After the game Anupama and Leela console Barkha and encouraged her to unite her love. She thanked everyone for the support and also apologizes Leela. Later Leela also did the same and the episode ends. In the next episode Anupama along with Leela will spot Pakhi and Adhik together.


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