Anupam Kher said Laal Singh Chaddha is not a good movie

Anupam Kher told laal Singh Chaddha is not a good film to watch. Karthikeya 2 about Shri Krishna and the truth about the Mahabharata War.

Anupam Kher and Aamir Khan

Laal Singh Chaddha was already facing a lot of trouble performing in cinemas as it is turning out to be the biggest flop of the year. As per google the film got 5.0 / 10 IMDB rate. In this times people do not stop to keep their point of view against this film. Recently Anupam Kher was asked about the current scenario in Bollywood. The things like Boycotting movies and spreading hate against the actor. In this contrast, Anupam Kher replied “That nothing can stop a good film from performing when you talk about Laal Singh Chaddha maybe it was not a good film.” 

He further said that for making a movie run previously people used to create Controversy but today the Scenario is completely different. It’s the Content of the film that speaks, Film will automatically draw up the successful outcome. By giving one example of his recent film Karthikeya 2 in which he performed for 10 mins. The Film started on 50 screens but now it is premiering on more than 3000 screens just because of the contents.


“India is the most unbiassed country in the world. We have the freedom of expression that he has seen in a few Countries. As a responsible citizen, one should be careful about what to say. Millions of people follow you. When you make a careless statement about the country then it can come back sometimes” Anupam praises. “Also, I want to mention that I have immense respect for Aamir Khan as an actor,” he exclaims!

Karthikeya 2

Karthikeya 2 is an Indian Telugu-language mystery adventure film. Initially  the film was a low-budget film and premiered on 50 screens. It appears to be a film success that now it is premiered on more than 3000 screens in India. This film was all about the history and mythology of Shri Krishna and the truth about the Mahabharata War.

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