Anjali Arora once tried to take her life, social media star said this on criticism

Social media sensation talked about mental health

Jalpana Mohanty
Jalpana Mohanty

Lockup fame and social media sensation Anjali Arora is quite famous for her videos. Shares many photos and videos on social media, on which people make different comments. Anjali Arora was in the limelight when she danced to the song ‘Kachha Badam’. After this, after participating in Kangana Ranaut’s Lockup reality show, her stardom took off.

As every celebrity is criticized for one thing or the other, something similar happened with Anjali. In this connection, this social media sensation talked about the mental health that gets disturbed due to trolling. Many truths were revealed to her which were surprising.

Trolling affects the mental health of Anjali Arora

According to media reports, The actress said that criticisms affect mental health. She said that I know about this very well. It happened to me when I not only started crying because of being trolled but also thought of quitting social media several times. The trollers had made her life miserable.

Anjali Arora tried to commit suicide

Anjali Arora has been battling depression for a long time. Once he tried to commit suicide. In the Lockup reality show, she revealed that when she was in class 11, she tried to end her life. Anjali said that many things happened to her and she kept thinking about why all this is happening to her only. She talked to his family about all these things. Many solutions were given to her. But in the end, it was all waste.

They should stay away from these people

Anjali said that there is no single solution to fight mental illness or depression. But any person can maintain his mental health by practicing meditation, good diet, and keeping away from those people who appear good on their face but do evil behind their backs. She also mentioned that not everyone is sweet in front of you.

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