Ali Zafar got trapped after praising Javed Akhtar, seeing himself being embarrassed said- ‘Against his country…’

Ali Zafar was in trouble when he praised Javed Akhtar openly on his social media account.

Jalpana Mohanty
Jalpana Mohanty

Pakistani songster and actor Ali Zafar reacts to Javed Akhtar’s statement on 26. The 11 Mumbai terror attack at Faiz Festival in Lahore. Let us tell you that this is the same Ali Zafar who wrote a post many days ago praising India’s stager lyrist and pen Javed Akhtar. He indeed sang her iconic song’ Ek Ladki Ko Dekha’ from 1942 A Love Story. Ali was a huge fan of Javed Akhtar and he always thinks of him as an Ideal Singer.

Ali Zafar was praising Javed Akhtar

He has seen participating a videotape on his Instagram account, Ali wrote in the caption,’ I’m lucky that I’ve got a chance to sing my favorite love song which I’m singing for stager pen Javed Sahab, whom I love veritably much.’ Uproar in Pakistan. His Pakistani suckers got maddened at Ali’s performance, they started trolling the songster. Seeing his embarrassment, Ali started giving explanations on social media. He said he wasn’t present at the event. Ali also kept his side of Javed Akhtar’s talk. Ali Zafar is now giving an Explanation to the Pakistani People.

Zafar decided to address the pixies and wrote in his post,’ Guys, I love you all and really value your praise and review inversely. I don’t know what was said at Faiz Mela. I saw it on social media the coming day. The actor further wrote,’ I’m proud to be a Pakistani, and naturally no Pakistani will appreciate any statement against their country or people, especially in an event meant to bring hearts closer. We all know how important Pakistan has suffered and suffered from terrorism and the suchlike. Asleep and gratuitous reflections may hurt the sentiments of numerous people. Pakistani people brutally trolled the singer for his reaction. They have been harassing him for his graduation towards an Indian singer.

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