Akshay Kumar : Cuttputli Movie Review (spoiler free)

Akshay Kumar is presented with amazing cinematography, the movie binds and amazes the audience. The production value was satisfactory.

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Akshay Kumar recently starred in a crime-thriller movie on Disney Plus Hotstar. The name truly justifies the movie’s plot and screenplay.

The movie is about a chase between the police led by Akshay Kumar and the Serial Killer. The movie is around 2 hours and how it carries the investigations is really appreciable. The suspense is really worth knowing and it really shocked the audience.

akshay kumar

With amazing cinematography and twist and turns, the movie binds and amazes the audience. According to some experts, the production value was satisfactory and execution was well carried out.

Theme and plot of the movie

The movie sets in the beautiful locations of Himachal Pradesh’s Kasauli. Because of the Hilly region and mountains, the chase and the zoom-out scenes looks more effective.

akshay kumar

The movie starts with Sub-Inspector Arjan Sethi, who wanted to become a film director before becoming a Sub Inspector. Arjan Sethi also once wrote a really good story about the serial killer. We are subconsciously told how his character is obsessed with serial killers.

The killer is smart, and fast and has a habit of making the police chase after him. He presents the body in public as if he wants to take complete credit for the victim’s suffering.

Akshay Kumar as a MISFIT, problems with the movie

The story of the movie moves fast, as by the time murders happen, and binds the audience with them. His acting was overall amazing his fitness and looks truly justified his age in the movie. But some unnecessary songs, dance sequences, and love arcs, somehow take the thrill out of a ‘crime-thriller’ movie.

Akshay Kumar

According to the audience, the whole arc of the Rakul Preet wasn’t even necessary. Maximum of the time Akshay Kumar is either totally serious or in a complete comedy zone, which is again harmful to the thrill of the movie.

The movie is worth the watch if you haven’t watched the original Ratsasan. Supporting actors have also performed very well.

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