Aftersun Movie Review | Best British Independent Film

Aftersun's unique triumph is its ability to speak both to the adult you are right now and the child within you, the genesis is where you sprung from.

Zafeer  - Writer

Written and Directed by Scottish filmmaker Charlotte Wells. Aftersun is a personal delicate tearful peak inside the memories of a woman. Who on her birthday in her early 30s is reminiscing about a special and probably formative two-week holiday to Turkey.

She had taken it with her father as she had turned 11. Some of these memories are coming back to her in dreams some are thoughts and others. She’s recreating in her mind while watching grainy camcorder footage from the trip.

The genius of Charlott Wells, Aftersun

Amazing performances of Frankie Courio and Paul Mescal


Actual movie starts, when the movie ends


By making Callum a young father the film is making you think of how young your own parents must have been when they had you. How little they understood the world with the limited means and help they had. It gives you permission to finally forgive them for their errors.

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