Aditya & Shipra Aggarwal launching DIVA AFFAIR Magazine 2022 special edition by PKG LIFESTYLE NEWS

Insha fatima
Insha fatima

Women have been ruling this world, they are the pillars and foundation of our societies in employment era. PKG lifestyle news and magazine not only respects and supports feminism but also helps women to stand out and stand bold in the male, dominating society.

Launched by PKG lifestyle, this magazine is titled ‘Diva affair’ expressing the dominance of women in today’s world. PKG lifestyle gives a platform to all the role models, fashionistas, divas and actresses so that they can rule out the odd outs. It works as a support system for them.

All models and the artist choose a platform on which they can express their talents and get bold in their own skin. Every model wants to attain the fame they are working for and undoubtedly PKG took all the successful moves to make them attain it.

Just like the previous year, this year too, Mr. Aditya & Shipra Aggarwal of PKG have come up with a mind-blowing diva publication in which they have highlighted lives more than 10 divas.

Women are the crown of this world and PKG advocates they should be treated as such.

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