Abdu Rozik Quit Bigg Boss 16: Angry fans said stop watching the show

The singer got a new design job outside.

Jalpana Mohanty
Jalpana Mohanty

Abdu Rozik, the most popular competitor of Bigg Boss 16 has left the house after the Weekend Ka Vaar. No one was nominated this week, rather they’ve been allowed to leave the show for many days. This songster from Tajikistan was a big reason that used to pull the followership to Bigg Boss 16. still, Bigg Boss told that Abdu Rozik has taken leave from the house because he got a chance to work on a design outside.

Abdu Rozik left the show

Bigg Boss tells everyone that Abdu has got a life-changing occasion. still, the news is that the verity behind its commodity is different. It’s being told that the knavery that happen in the house with Abdu in history wasn’t liked by Abdu’s platoon outdoors and they had expressed their displeasure against it by issuing a notice. After which this decision has been taken. There are also reports that he will no way come back, although nothing like this has been said by the makers of Bigg  Boss.

Audiences were angry

The news of Abdu’s departure has created a sensation on social media. People are getting emotional due to the departure of this youngish family of 19 times. One stoner said,’ You’ll be missed a lot#AbdulRozik. Come back Abdu Rozik. Another one said,” Dil Ke koi tukde Kabhi Dil Se joke Hota Nahi
Abdu you’ll be back, staying for your grand comeback Abdu, your Shiv bhai, and all#Shibdu suckers love you so much.” So someone said that if Abdu isn’t there also stop watching Bigg Boss 16 from today.

Contestants were sad

Nimrit and Sajid had gashes in their eyes while leaving Abdu’s show. So there Tina Dutta, Sumbul, Shiva, and MC Stan were also getting emotional for him. So on the other hand he is veritably happy after coming out of the house. He said that his trip was awful. For his return, Bigg Boss said that only if all the housemates want, also only he will be suitable to return.

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