Abdu Rozik is now the new Captain of Bigg Boss 16

Abdu Rozik is the cute contestant in Bigg Boss 16.

Jalpana Mohanty
Jalpana Mohanty

Bigg Boss is one of the most watched TV shows by the audience. Salman Khan is the host of the show for many seasons. This time many new celebrities participated in the show. One of them was Abdu Rozik who is one of the popular contestants. Not only fans but fellow contestants also liked him. He is also one of the cute competitors in the house.

Talking about the new season which is getting more intense day by day with full of drama and much more. The fans are excited to see the next episode. From the last many episodes, fans are witnessing a rift in the friendship of many members of the house. The true colors of everyone are now being revealed as the competition is getting higher. Many fights were seen inside the house. In the latest episode, a new captain was chosen which was Abdu Rozik.

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Bigg Boss Former captains choose Abdu Rozik as the new captain of the house

abdu rozik


The new captain was not made by Bigg Boss but by the housemate who was the former captain. As Abdu is liked by everyone in the house so they choose him as the captain. Everyone also has faith in him that he will take decisions wisely and fulfill everyone’s needs. Before Abdu became the captain a task was given by Bigg Boss where the old captain will choose the new captain. The former captain Gautam Vig, Shiv Thackeray, and Nimrit Kaur are seen giving responsibility to the new captain.

In one of the promos, Abdu is seen convincing Nimrit and he said he is perfect for being the captain. Many other contestants also convinced the former captains. The names who were induced in this were Tina Dutta, Soundarya Sharma, and Shaleen. When all this was taking place there was a big fight between Gautam and Shaleen. After all the fighting and everything, Abdu became the captain. Even Salman also liked him.

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