100+ Crore budget Bollywood Movie releasing on 25th August 2022 : Liger

Brahmastra will be released on 9 September 2022 with a hefty budget of 300 Crore.

Liger Cast

Bollywood is a name that needs no to acquaint with. Recently it is a trending topic Vijay Deverakonda as everyone is opposing it. We all know Bollywood Stars spend a lot of money on their lifestyles. It takes a hefty amount of money to make a film (from its making to the promotion of the film). Yet the film has fails to deliver the appropriate content according to the audiences. The solely recent film with a heavy budget was Laal Singh Chaddha and Raksha Bandhan with an approx. amount of 180 Crores and 120 Crore respectively. The Highest Budget film in Bollywood to date is RRR(600 Crore) and in second 2.0(575 Crore). Flip side other movie releasing this month with a budget of 100+ crore is named Liger.

Directors have been working hard to improve the Visual experience and Audience Satisfaction and this involves the use of the latest technology. Eventually, this leads to an escalation in the budget. Films also plenary at a good level with their content and in their promotion. Robot 2.0  and Ra. One is the films that have used the uttermost enhanced technology in Bollywood. Soon we are going to witness the Brahmastra which is more than used in VFX technology. Brahmastra is one of the films where the director (Ayan Mukherji) took 9 years to down right and make the film the most noticeable one.



The forthcoming big-budget Bollywood movies are  Brahmastra, Ram Setu, and Adipurush.  However film Brahmastra which is look ahead to be around  300 crores has been released on 9 September 2022.

About the Film

It will be interesting to watch how well this movie does. This movie stars a prominent figure from the south, Vijay Deverakonda, and features a special cameo by a well-known actor, Mike Tyson, as people began the Boycott movement against Bollywood. To learn more about the movie.

Vijay Deverakonda big hit on coming movie Liger : Exciting news for Rowdy fans



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